Defending University Students

Effectively defending students on criminal charges that come from the University Office of Student Conduct can be challenging.  The University has broad discretion.  Students can be sanctioned, suspended or expelled for offenses that they did not realize the University would view as a “big deal” often before parents are fully aware of the severity of the situation or the potential consequences.

Students are entitled to due process, but the process moves quickly.  Often times when a student attends his or her preliminary hearing without representation, the repercussions cannot be undone without a lengthy appeals process.

Many attorneys are hesitant to take on University cases because of this quick timeframe; whether it be because of the attorney’s unfamiliarity with the University Code of Student Conduct, or because many attorneys feel that they cannot have a positive influence on the outcome of the case.

Drew has developed a skill and a comfort level in the representation of the college student and the student athlete.  College can be a dangerous time in the life of a young person.  Drew has defended hundreds of students in both felony and misdemeanor court on all variety of offenses including alcohol offenses, narcotics cases, and accusations of rape and sexual assault.  Along with these criminal charges, come sanctions from the University Office of Student Conduct.

Drew has spent a considerable amount of time in front of the University of Arkansas Judicial board (J-Board) defending students against accusations of wrongdoing. If your son or daughter is facing a hearing at the University level, do not allow them to navigate the process alone.  There are serious potential consequences at stake that could affect them for the rest of their lives.

Drew is also familiar with the University Office of Greek Life.  Since 2002, Drew has been the chapter advisor and official legal counsel for one of the largest fraternities at the University of Arkansas, and he has served as legal counsel for individual members of every major fraternity and every major sorority at the University of Arkansas.  Drew understands the unique scrutiny placed on the fraternity or sorority member who is accused of crimes or wrongdoing.

Drew has also served as legal counsel for numerous University of Arkansas student athletes accused of crimes and wrongdoing. Drew understands the potentially disastrous impact an investigation can have on the future career of an athlete. Drew handles these cases with privacy and discretion working swiftly to end the investigation or bring the charges to a close.  Drew has defended student athletes on charges including alcohol, drugs, theft, sexual assault, and rape.

If your son or daughter is a student and has been accused of wrongdoing you should be aware that the University of Arkansas judicial system moves swiftly.  Experienced legal representation is the only way to ensure that the student’s rights are protected.